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How to react to the latest ranking algorithm changes on Google, MSN Search and Yahoo.
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Welcome to the latest issue of the Search Engine Facts newsletter.

This week, we're telling you how to react to the latest ranking algorithm changes in MSN Search, Google and Yahoo.

In the news: Keyword prices continue to climb, changes in Google AdWords algorithm annoy advertisers, Yahoo adds SMS text search and more.

Table of contents:

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1. Facts of the week: How to react to MSN Search's latest algorithm change

Maybe you have read about the latest ranking algorithm changes on MSN Search in online forums.

It seems that on-page factors are now more important and that MSN Search prefers web pages that are listed higher in the web site directory structure ( is preferred over a web page that lie deeper in the directory struture:

It also seems that MSN Search likes static pages better than dynamically generated web pages.

How should you react to ranking algorithm changes?

Whether it's MSN Search, Google, Yahoo or any other search engine that changes its ranking algorithm. There is one basic rule: don't panic!

Many ranking algorithm changes that are discussed in online forums are just yakety-yak. Only the search engines know which algorithms they use and they don't publish that information.

Before you change something on your web site, you should be sure what really works for your web site and what doesn't.

How to find out which ranking tips are really true

Don't follow the tips and tricks in online forums blindly. Better do your own research. For example, if you want to be ranked highly for the search term "blue widget" on then take a look at the web pages that currently have a top 10 ranking for that search term on

These web sites are obviously compliant to Google's ranking algorithm and they have done something right. Otherwise, they wouldn't be listed on the first result page.

Analyze these pages to find out what they have done to get the top 10 listing. Where do they use the search term in the web page title? How often does the search term appear on the web page? Where exactly on the web page does the search term appear? How many web sites link to the web page? There are dozens of web page factors that can influence your search engine rankings.

Find out how the top ranked pages use the search term and then adjust your web pages so that they are similar. That way you can be sure that your web pages are compliant to Google's ranking algorithm. Of course, this also works with Yahoo, MSN Search and other search engines.

If you want to save time, use IBP's Top 10 Optimizer to analyze the top ranked pages. IBP's Top 10 Optimizer does the nitty-gritty work for you and it presents the results in an easy to understand report.

The key to high rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and others

If you know how to make your web pages search engine ready, high search engine rankings are no mystery. Don't rely on rumors you hear in online forums when it comes to search engine optimization but focus on the facts. Details can be found in our free SEO ebook.

2. Search engine news of the week

Keyword prices continue climb

    "Online search advertising terms across a broad array of categories rose an average of 3 percent last month to $1.72--from $1.67 in May, according to the Fathom Online Keyword Price Index. Overall, keyword prices were up approximately 25 percent since last September."

    Editor's note: If you want to become less dependent from paid clicks, try to get listed in the unpaid search results on major search engines.

Changes in Google's AdWords algorithms annoy advertisers

    "Apparently Google has instituted an AdWords algorithm change that is seriously hurting advertisers. Google is now targeting ads regionally, with little overall thought or concern given to advertisers' preferences."

Yahoo adds SMS text searches to lineup

"Yahoo added the ability to query its search engine through a short text message on a mobile phone about mobile phones in the United States.

Yahoo SMS about SMS Search can be used to get weather, local listings, stock quotes and other short bits of information, which analysts say is the way we will gather much data in the future."

Yahoo tests new RSS search

    "Yahoo accidentally revealed its upcoming RSS search plans on Friday, after curious bloggers found a secret test page designed to search indexed syndication feeds. [...] A few hours after the discovery of the test site by bloggers it was yanked by the search giant."

Search engine newslets

3. Articles of the week

What Price PageRank?

    "This is the stark reality: People still actually buy and sell links valued against Google's PR score. Which is ridiculous. It's just buying into the myth. [...]

    A link from a popular and well visited Web site can be invaluable if it sends you qualified traffic that converts. The true value of a link has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with PageRank. [...]

    The price [for a high PageRank link] is actually based more on your own wasted time and effort if you honestly believe that little green meter on the Google toolbar counts for anything more than novelty value."

Google's leap may slow rivals' growth

    "MSN and Yahoo are trying to match Google's uncluttered approach as they push ahead with new technologies. An example: Conceding that less can be more, and have long mimicked Google's minimalism. Now both companies are trying to market these little-trafficked, bare-bones sites."

Yahoo continues to court Hollywood

    "Yahoo Inc. is taking a dramatic approach to winning business deals with television networks: hire their executives."

Is Google shutting out the blind?

    "Accessibility activists charge that search goliath Google shuts blind people out of many of its services."

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4. Recommended resources

How to crack Google's ranking algorithm

Internet Business Promoter is a top rated web site promotion tool that can help you to crack Google's ranking algorithm. It helps you to find out how your web site can get first page listings on Google for your keywords.

In addition to the , IBP offers many other powerful web site promotion tools, including a search engine submission software, a ranking checker and more.

If you haven't done it yet, download the free demo version now.

"IBP reliably improves the ranking of your web site on Google"

Ed Keay-Smith, customerThe German computer magazine "Internet Professionell" has tested IBP in its latest issue:

"[...] Internet Business Promoter perfectly optimizes your website for search engines. IBP reliably improves the ranking of your web site on Google and other search engines. [...]

A highlight is the SEO ebook. It leaves no search engine optimization and search engine marketing question unanswered."
Internet Professionell Magazine, 8/2005

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